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In The Churning Sea

Dear Diary,

The waves roared. She closed her eyes and let the sound engulf her. The cold spray and gusting handfuls of sand stung her exposed skin and tore at her scant clothing and tangled hair. Her head was bowed and her arms were tightly clutched to her chest, but she slowly pulled them away and lifted her head. As she tentatively extended her arms outward, she gasped as new skin was pummeled by the onslaught of the tiny and fierce particles of the sea.

He was taken by a storm such as this. Taken and not given back. His ship had splintered on the reefs of some far off  coastline in America referred to as the Graveyard of the Atlantic. But it was still the same ocean. All parts were connected by the constant movement of the same droplets of water.

She took a step closer to the frothy, roiling mass and stumbled precariously. Her eyes flew open as she struggled to regain her balance. There was no moon to help her sight. A wave slapped angrily at her bare feet and reached up to grab at her sodden dress. Her cold, stiff fingers searched to touch and clasp the simple silver locket that encircled her pale, swan-like neck. A token of his love for her. A shuddering sigh escaped her as she felt his presence. She had waited for the right storm. She had needed to feel him. She had known that only such a storm could carry his soul over the immense and unforgiving sea to her. Her tears mingled with the salty spray. As it should be. She was not afraid. Her love was here with her encased in the seething ocean. She could almost feel his hands holding her jagged and yearning heart. Pulling, beckoning. She stepped forward again. The first step was faltering, but her stride became progressively more determined. The waves slashed and pushed at her greedily. Their roar surrounded her senses and seemed to be shouting at her to make haste. They cruelly threatened to pull her lover further away unless she gave herself wholly. She acquiesced and was swallowed with the merest ripple in the churning, unsatisfied sea.


Comments on: "In The Churning Sea" (16)

  1. Krystal Wade said:

    Yikes! She killed herself? So sad!

  2. Oh, no!!!! Why’d she have to go and do it? LOL!! That was awesome. I felt her pain.


    • Thank you Erin. I know it is depressing! I usually write very upbeat stuff, but I was trying to stretch into a different area there. I know she shouldn’t have! xo

  3. Very well written! Way to put the reader in the cold and heart broken shoes of your character! On another note, I would have preferred that she realized he wasn’t in the water and had the courage to fight off the greedy water so that she could live and realize that losing someone is like having a limb amputated. . . that she will never be the same, but will heal. Sorry, but you dragged me into your grumpy day on a day that I need just the opposite. Happy writing and all my best 🙂

    • Aw. I’m sorry that I didn’t perk you up like you needed! I am usually a very upbeat writer (maybe if you read a couple of my other posts you will be positively infused). I think it’s good to stretch and try writing other sorts of things sometimes. That was the purpose. You are right in your philosophy of the death of a loved one. Blessings to you.

  4. Dude. I knew she was gonna do it! Once you said her lover was taken by the sea, I knew it!!
    I loved the imagery. I felt like I was being attacked by the ocean. Really loved the second paragraph. Idk why…I think that’s when I realized what she was doing out there.

  5. Powerful stuff Kellianne. You pulled me right in there. Thank you for sending me the link to your blog. Sorry I am late getting over here. I can be slow that way. 🙂 Kids, you know.

    Loved coming in to a story. Always love a good story. I was just telling my husband today that it’s not a good story unless someone dies. LOL Guess I’m not an all happy sunshine and rainbows kind of girl. Things are generally more complicated than that for me.

  6. The ocean is such a powerful force. It makes a great metaphor for the depths of loss.

  7. Yes to the power of the sea and to love. Excellent writing. Met you on Twitter. I do believe there are positive solutions to pain and suffering. (smile) Peace and Light….Gary

    • Thank you very much! I agree that there are much better solutions. I’ve had several people say that they want me to continue to give her a happier ending. I might have to do that!

  8. Incredibly well written Kellianne, a book written like that would be almost impossible to put down. Love your blog, will be back again soon.

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