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I am pleased to welcome T.M. Souders to my blog for another trip on the #TeaserTrain! T.M. is a well established author and is gracing us with an excerpt from her novel “Waiting On Hope”. Her story deals with the struggles of a young woman forced to come to grips with a devastating situation that rocks her foundation. Her journey provides inspiration and the realization that life does go on and continue to bloom even after traumatic events. Please sit back and enjoy this taste of “Waiting On Hope”. The link to purchase this lovely story is at the end of the excerpt.

“What’s going on Lex? You’re not returning any of my calls. And what’s with the horror movie locks?” Sienna asked. Her forehead wrinkled into a dozen lines.

Lexie shrugged. She hadn’t told Sienna what happened yet, and even when she did, she couldn’t tell her the whole truth. The facts for her would be too devastating. Then again, she probably deserved more credit than Lexie gave her…

Nevertheless, letting Sienna in on the events of the last two months was the right thing to do. After all, Lexie’s affinity for lying was weak, and besides, Sienna had an ability to see straight through a person, to cut through the crap.

Sienna stood, arms crossed in front of her chest, her platinum hair pulled back from her face, waiting for a response, for some enlightenment to explain Lexie’s recent behavior.

“Um. They’re just a precaution,” Lexie said.

“Precaution? Lex, you’re scaring me. I’ve been calling you for two months, without so much as a reply. You’ve skipped out on all our Friday girls’ nights. You stood me up at the photography convention on Sunday, the one you begged me to attend with you. And this morning, I called Pittsburgh Magazine, only to find out that you haven’t been at work in over a month, that you’re taking some time off for personal reasons.”

Sienna continued to talk, following Lexie from the foyer to the couch in her living room.

Lexie tried to make herself comfortable, but found it impossible—a notion explicably apparent in her life as of late. She fidgeted on the white sofa, which seemed to signal to her a glaring beacon of purity—suddenly out of place in the room.

Lexie sighed, fanning her hands out in front of her, trying to find the words. “I’m just…I’m going through something right now.”

After a moment’s silence, Sienna said, “And you can’t tell me? Since when do we keep secrets from each other?”

The pain in Sienna’s rich chocolate eyes was palpable, a confirmation of sorts of why her own pain, her own shame, should be kept to herself. How did she find the words? Part of her wanted to say it. She envisioned opening her mouth and letting them flow, forming her lips around the vowels, I was raped. The thought alone, stung like venom on the tip of her tongue.

“I…I….” Lexie tilted her head back. She gazed at the ceiling, the tiny vein-like cracks in the otherwise smooth plaster. Why couldn’t she say it? She willed the words from her mind, but still they would not come.

She looked back at Sienna, the hurt in her eyes latched onto the lacerations of her soul, bringing with them a new burden. Not only did she carry her own shame, but also guilt for the anguish imposed on Sienna by her silence.

Lexie said the only thing she could, a poor substitution for the truth. “Listen, I’m going through something right now that I can’t talk about. I just can’t…” Her voice cracked slightly. She managed to suppress a sob before continuing. “I need a little time. Please.”

“Do you promise me you’re going to be okay? You’re scaring the hell out of me, girl. I mean, blowing me off is one thing, but your job? You haven’t taken so much as a sick day in the ten years since I met you.”

“I swear.”

She couldn’t bring herself to mutter the words, I promise. Promises were for a groom on his wedding day, vowing to be faithful in good times and bad. For mothers who tucked their kids into bed at night, assuring them safety was inexplicably theirs—that no monsters hid beneath the covers. Well, she knew all about monsters—not only did they exist, but they were all around us. She knew all about promises too. By definition, they were impossible to keep. Because among the assurance belies a certainty, which carries with it the measure of impossibility, because a promise is a guarantee. What was the saying her mother always used to say? In life, there are no guarantees.

Supersonic #TeaserTrain Event, BUY 3 – GET 1 FREE, Thursday, Feb 2nd – Friday, Feb 3rd, 2012


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Comments on: "TeaserTrain – T.M. Souder’s Novel “Waiting On Hope”" (17)

  1. […] TM Souders – WAITING ON HOPE – @ Kellianne Sweeney’s blog […]

  2. What a powerful excerpt. Lexie’s pain is palpable. Well done.

  3. Wow, thank you SHaron! I was just thinking as I read it, “I should’ve used a different one. We authors are never satisfied, lol.

  4. Great excerpt, Tia!! Very teasing…Bravo. ツ

  5. Fantastic excerpt, TM! You really capture Lexie’s state of mind and her inner struggle. And both characters have individual voices in their dialogue. Plus, this is a compelling hook to give readers!

    Nice job!

    Writing as AR Silverberry

  6. It IS a great excerpt. The reader is immediately hooked into Lexie’s inner turmoil. Happy to Host you Tia 🙂

  7. Awesome excerpt and what a gorgeous cover, too! Prose that melts in your mouth.

  8. I loved this! I could feel Lexie’s struggle, that inner conflict between heart and mind. Great writing! I also noticed the photog mention. Photography is an interest of mind so I can’t wait to read the rest. 🙂

  9. This excerpt sucked me in, I was feeling this character’s pain and already hoping for a better, happier ending. Very realistic and believable.

  10. Very powerful excerpt, TM! Her pain is palpable.

  11. Hi, T.M.! I really like the way you pace your sentences. Fully descriptive, but not weighted. Your story pulled me right in — I’m in! And I’m already rooting for the happiest of endings for Lexie…

    Kellianne — #TeaserTrain number one, and I’m already seeing a lot new books in my Kindle’s future!

  12. Thanks. I learned another name of another good author today 🙂

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