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Visual Clarity

Dear Diary,

“Visual Clarity” is a definition of the word Resolution. Of course you are thinking that this refers to the crispness of images on big screen televisions and photographs. I am sure that is what Webster intended when sighting this definition. However, I like to think of Visual Clarity in a different way.

I have never made any official New Year’s Resolutions. It always seemed to me as too much of a Band Wagon Thing. When someone is on a band wagon their focus is not upon being determined about something, it is about doing something because everyone else is doing it. How many people really stick to resolutions made in this way? Not many, I think. A resolution should be made within the quiet of your own being. It should be made because you are determined that it must be done. “Determination” is one of the definitions of resolution. A resolution requires stamina and a sense of purpose because another part of the definition is “Outcome”. If there is no outcome, it is not a true resolution.  Our lives should be full of resolutions that are made all year long. These resolutions require determination to produce real outcomes.  When you pick something about you or your life that needs to be changed, be serious about obtaining that goal. And make sure that goal is worthy, because this is Life Improvement we are talking about. It is about growing and not stagnating or sliding backwards.

Many New Year’s Resolutions only involve self improvement. I challenge you to also include resolving to improve life quality around you. We do not live in a bubble. What we do effects others, and what others do effects us. Including others in our resolutions makes a better life environment for us all. There is so much hate and injustice in the world. Defy it by being just one person to lead by example to resolve to give some kindness. Hopefully, this might create a ripple that others will continue.

Today, when I read that Visual Clarity was a definition for the word Resolution, I chose to interpret its’ meaning as being visually clear of the Big Picture; of having the vision to see how each of our resolutions can effect the Big Picture where we all dwell together. Our resolutions can make the Big Picture better if we see that.

The beginning of the New Year is a good time to assess where you have been, where you want to go and the goals you would like to obtain to further yourself and others. But don’t make your resolutions lightly just so you look better in your bikini or Speedo. Think bigger and proceed with determination to your desired outcome.  Happy New Year!


Comments on: "Visual Clarity" (20)

  1. This is great advice that should be applied on a daily basis.

  2. Love your perception on this. We definitely need to be aware of what we do and how it affects others.

  3. This is just beautiful Kellianne. I love your post. Sorry I couldn’t comment earlier. I wanted to let you know I awarded you the versatile bloggers award today. :)

    • Debra! Thank you so much for the Versatile Blogger Award! I am honored 🙂 I am glad you were feeling pretty over the holidays! Congratulations on your multiple awards! I am also very glad that you enjoyed my post.

  4. Very well said, Kellianne! I, too, am on record as being against New Year’s resolutions; but it took me two posts to say what you so eloquently said in one. Way to go!

  5. Beautifully stated, Kellianne, and right on the mark. If we bend our efforts to making life a better quality experience for everyone we encounter, then our own lives are greatly enhanced as well.
    Thanks for a great post.

  6. Your words inspired me too. I am now determined to do better than last year. I will write to make this world a better place. Thanks

  7. Hi Kellianne!

    I really love this post, especially this: “A resolution should be made within the quiet of your own being. It should be made because you are determined that it must be done.” That’s so true. The only things that actually get changed in my life are the ones I decide must be done. That’s the best motivation there is.

  8. Spartapoet said:

    You painted a beautiful definition of “Visual Clarity”. It created in me a more deliberate way of viewing my new year’s resolution and re-think my plans. I always enjoyed your work and remain standing near your “pen” to write the lines. All the best, Sal.

  9. Sal, you always have such thoughtful and beautiful things to say. I really appreciate your presence.

  10. debbie mc said:

    New year resolutions are probably made without too much thought going into them. Your interpretation would make me think the whole process through to achieve a positive outcome, hopefully be a better person. Happy New Year!

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