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Silence Falls

Dear Diary,

A brief poem today:


Silence Falls

and I listen

for it to break.


I strain to hear


What will it be?

A passing car?

A moan from the house as it settles?

A stray bark from a faraway dog?

The furnace whirring into action?

The lonely call of a mourning dove?


I still my breathing, not wanting it

to be the sound that shatters

the thick, delicious silence

that surrounds me.


How unusual to be enveloped in complete


My world is full of constant motion

and vibrant sound.


I breathe soundlessly.

I wait.


A motorcycle roars by on the street below.

The pause evaporates.


Comments on: "Silence Falls" (5)

  1. Hi Kelli –

    I appreciate your “serenity” poem for a couple of reasons. I call it a serenity poem because a silent environment provides the soul with a suitable venue for reflection and meditation. The silence can be soothing and calm’s your being. Happy Wednesday and nicely done, Kellianne :).

    • Thank you so much Brian. It’s always lovely to hear from you. Poetry comments from a Poet are always wonderful to hear. I agree with you about the serenity of silence. It is a special treat for me.

  2. I love it. It’s so true how nice moments can be ruined so easily.

  3. Silence don’t happen long in this world. Kellianne you are such a wonderful poet 🙂 I hope you have and write more! TY for sharing this.

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