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Garden Untended

Dear Diary,

Ah, the weeds that grow in a Garden Untended.

Didn’t I just yank a few out

As I was passing by the other day?

Certainly, pulling a couple should have helped?

But no.

Where did this ugly jungle come from?

Their roots are long and thick and coiled.

Where are my flowers?

Their delicate fragrance is not to be found.

I anxiously search to assure myself that they still exist.


Deep within the mass of angry, threatening growth

Are the tiny, white wild flowers

Of hope and fresh joy

Waiting patiently amongst the chaos.

And so the work begins.

Each weed extracted is painful to

Endure with their thorns and clutching roots.

But, the Garden must be cleared

Of suffocating weeds

To allow hope and joy to grow and breathe.

And so I toil.

Didn’t I have to do this before?

Yes, I did. Now, again.

And I remember the beauty of the Cleared Garden

With only the fresh, white wild flowers


I must not allow my Garden to be ransacked thus, again.

I must be diligent

And recognize and banish the weeds

As they creep in before they own

My Beautiful Garden.


Comments on: "Garden Untended" (10)

  1. Beautifully put, Kellianne!

    I really am going to have to do some weeding soon. I did so much work clearing the garden when I moved here. It had had years of neglect. Mind you, still waiting for better weather really :o)

  2. Very sweet and loving, Kellianne. It’s haunting, too. Or is it just me?
    I hope things are looking up for you these days.
    Your buddy from Cali,


  3. Beautiful Poem. It made me think of life and how ugly things can root around us. We must always weed our garden to keep them away.

  4. I just came back from a trip across the country, and your work echoes the thoughts I had upon my return! The mark of a good poem is that it can have so many different meanings that are dependent on what happens in the *reader’s* life, rather than just the poet’s intention. Clearly, this poem fits the bill. Awesome!

  5. What a wonderful comment! Thank you so much, Rebecca. I am very flattered by your thoughts.

  6. And you hear the white flowers say thank you as you say thank you back

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