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Dear Diary,

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Chapter 19 from “The One That Got Away”. Just a tad bit late. Links to the previous chapters and the link to purchase the novel on amazon follow the excerpt.

Chapter 19

         I awoke to the sound of Sponge Bob’s laughter. Sunlight was streaming in through the window and onto my face.  My body ached and my head throbbed unmercifully. I could tell I had a fever again. Without thinking, I brushed my hand on the empty space behind me…looking for…who? Not for Anna. She was sitting right in front of me. I quickly yanked my hand from the sheet and pressed both hands to my head. What time was it? I couldn’t seem to get my eyes to focus on the clock.

“He’s your friend, not mine. Don’t know him.” Anna did not look at me, but continued to nosh on a sprinkled, pink Pop-tart. Her eyes were glued to my T.V.  Sponge Bob blared on. Anna chuckled softly at something from the show and pulled my comforter closer around her small frame. I stared at my daughter for a moment, but didn’t say anything. I noticed that she had brought me breakfast too. A Pop-tart, a coffee cup filled with cold water, a spoon and the ancient jar of decaffeinated instant coffee that I kept around in case someone appeared in my house who desired such a thing. Well, it was the thought that counted.

“Who, baby? Who are you talking about?” I queried.

Anna continued to watch her show. “Someone is here sometimes. He is nice, but I don’t know him.”

“A man’s been in the house?” I had a momentary flash of panic and sat up abruptly. I regretted that immediately. My head spun sickeningly and the comforter slid off my unclothed chest. I flopped back down on my pillow and covered myself.

“No, Mama.” Anna rolled her eyes dramatically. “You know…he’s not really here…he’s just kinda here…you know?” She reached over to the foot of the bed and tossed my plaid pajamas onto my lap. “You know, Mama.” She fixed me with an intent and pointed look and then returned her attention to the T.V. program. “Sara brought some chicken soup for us. She said she knew you were sick today. I was going to bring it for breakfast but it was hot and I’d probably spill it and then you’d get mad.”

“Sara was here? Don’t ever open the door for anyone! Why didn’t you wake me up if there was someone at the door?” My own voice was reverberating in my head.

“But, Mama, it was just Sara.”

“How did you know that?” I demanded crossly.

“I just knew it, Mama.”Her voice quavered and her eyes filled with tears. “Don’t be mad, Mama.”

My anger melted instantly. “Come here, baby.” Anna buried her head in the crook of my neck and I hugged her tightly. It looked like I was going to have to call off work again today. I hated doing that. I was asking for too much time off of work lately. First moving and now the sick thing.

“Anna, thank you for breakfast.” I kissed her hair and stroked it out of her face. “Hey, can you get me my phone, my medicine and the Candy Land game?”

Anna’s eyes lit up at the mention of Candy Land. “You will play?” she chirped.

“Well, yes. What else would I want you to bring it for?”

Anna jumped out of bed, spraying Pop-tart crumbs in her wake. She scampered out of the room.

“Anna!” I called after her. “Put some socks on. It’s cold.”

“I hate socks,” came her muffled reply. “Put on your jammies, Mama!” I could hear her giggling about that.

I smirked and followed her directions.

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