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Dear Diary,

Something a little different…

I stared at the supple, ebony leather that encased my untried hands. Only my calloused fingers protruded from their clinging embrace. I studied the silt that was deposited under my fingernails from prior skirmishes. My experience had been mostly on the sidelines, but the dirt from them had been ground deeply. The cuts and bruises burned as my mind skittered over each of their origins. Today would be different. Today, I would be on the front line and I was ready to welcome it. I ran my hands slowly along the contours of the fitted armor that I had donned only moments before. It was firm, but not impenetrable. My wit and agility would need to be sharp. I could hear the subdued murmurings of those close readying themselves to take the same field. They might be unexpected aid to me, but I could not count on assistance. My own hands were most willing to render help to them as well, but these outcomes rested in how the battle dance played out. Their battle was their own, as was mine. My hands traveled to the burnished metal that was my shield. It had served me well in the past. I had carefully polished its surface to conceal the dents and scratches with shining brilliance. My bow was well worn and comfortable in my grip. My arrow’s tips had found many a distant target. My sword, however, was a new tool that had yet to be used and required close proximity. It felt heavy, but not awkward in my hand. I arced and spun lithely, slicing the thick air around me. My breath came quicker and my heart beat more rapidly as I brandished my virgin weapon. I could feel the flush in my cheeks as I sheathed it into my belt. I twisted my scattered tresses into a knot at the nape of my neck. I refused to glance into the tarnished looking glass that rested nearby. I pulled my bow and arrow satchel over my shoulder and clasped the handle of my shield firmly. I paused to clear my mind of distraction and to allow clarity of purpose to seep in and take hold. I took one more clean and steadying breath before I pushed the door wide. I walked stolidly outward to address the faceless foe.


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