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Dear Diary,


The foothold gives


Within the shifting sienna soil


Slowly sliding downward


A little more


Crumbling outward, and settling on level, if not firm, ground.


It does not appear


That the way to continue is to retrace the fallen steps.


The earthen walls are sheer.


The sky crowns the distant precipice


Of the first faltering steps


That led to this place,


A different place,


With an unfamiliar view


And unusual possibilities.


It is a dry river bed.


Swirls of sediment mark the distant memory of rushing water,


Now absent.


It stretches ahead


Beyond the reach of sight


Destination unclear.


Further down, the bank is yet passable.


Ascent would be possible through tangled trees


And steep, rock strewn incline.


The point of origin could perhaps be reached


Once again.


Climb back up or explore onward?


Water begins to seep in ever increasing rivulets


Soaking the thirsty ground.


Saturation becomes mud.


Walking becomes unsteady.


The roar of the approaching torrent can be heard


Before it arrives.


Scramble to the bank or ride the impending wave?












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