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Rubies and Arrows


Dear Diary,

Poetry today…


The sweetness was always there

The first moment  the bright spirit breathed air

Lovely  wings of the butterfly

Knowing to give without needing why


Fragile in flight against the wind and the rain

Bedraggled but driven to fly but again

The translucent colors, they dripped from the wing

Leaving pale smudges of where they had been

Creating stones more worthy of giving

Blood red rubies more useful for living

And stealthy, sure arrows with light at the point

Guided to strike both at face and at joint

Rubies and arrows; tools for true living

Arrows to smite and rubies for giving


The sweetness, it lingered

The spirit stayed bright

And the giving continued

Protected by might




Comments on: "Rubies and Arrows" (2)

  1. Rubies only show thier beauty in the light, they must be out to show the brilliance thanks for putting it out there for all to see giving us a chance to behold the beauty within

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