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When Girls Grow Fierce


Dear Diary,

In the midst of these turbulent political times, a pointed poem by a talented author and friend, Vincent F.A. Golphin:


for elizabeth warren


They grow fierce
girls who speak to power
eye-to-eye, without a blink,
nor stutter or mutter,
girls unmask,

show their woman,
frighten with truth,
strip naked the powerful

Unmasked and disrobed, the skinned sling

slurs and curses and lies, and dismissals,

like Pocahontas.
Those outdone rave,

usually wrinkly, old, white guys,
and the like-minded,

shocked naked by truth,
and shorn raw by the fearless jibes and convictions
of unusual girls that do not know their place.


The fearful retreat to thrones in their minds
scared by the fierce sound and sight
of girls armed with inconvenient facts,

possessed with confidence and courage,
bold revelation are girls fiercely grown
into women that scare the powerful.


Vincent F. A. Golphin is a widely published author and poet. His latest book, Grandma Found a Gecko, is for children. His last poetry collection, 10 Stories Down, was released in 2012 by Foothills Press. For more information –





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