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I wait.

Dressed in gray, the sky is gray, the water is gray

No breath of a ripple.

I once

frantically screamed your name into the muddy waters

Knowing you had succumbed.

My voice descending to your deaf ears

Echoing back to me

Creating silence.

I stood breathlessly on the edge

of the cropped, stubbled grass

That melded into slippery mud as it slid inside

The murky waters.

I agonized whether to dive in to try to save you.

I whispered for you to raise your hand up to me.

I waited.

No breath of a ripple.

The fog encased sky remained gray.

I was cold

My bare arms mud splattered

My hair half tied and wispy

My white dress streaked in gray

A ragged wind snatched at my hair and dress fitfully.

I step back from the slick ledge of the endless pond

And donned a cloak.

I am covered in the dampness

But I still feel the cold stinging my face.

Now, instead of watching only the filthy water,

I also watch the sky

Knowing the sun will eventually break through

Sometimes, I think I almost see it.

But not yet.

I wait.

Having faith

That I will know when my waiting will end

And that the sun will pierce through the grayness.

If not here,

Then somewhere else that my path leads.


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