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Eyebrow Wars

Dear Diary,

I have unwanted guests in my eyebrows. No, I am not referring to bugs in case that’s what you were thinking. I am talking about a couple of dazzlingly silver highlights nestled amongst the brunette residents. Gray hairs sprouting in my eyebrows!

I have become accustomed to dealing with gray hairs on my head because I have been genetically endowed with an early graying gene. I discovered my first gray head hairs when I was at the tender age of twenty four. I took action with that dilemma by first highlighting my hair and then eventually moving on to full color. I vividly remember the day that I decided to go to full color. I was working out at the gym and a muscle-guy that I would occasionally chat with asked me if the white in my hair was there on purpose. This, of course, is up there with a guy asking a heavyset woman if she is pregnant. Ok. Time to step into full color.

But stray white eyebrow hairs…what does one do to stanch this flow?

I have never been much of an eyebrow plucker. I have always been partial to the Brooke Shields eyebrow look myself. I’m not saying it works for everyone, but I have embraced this style as my own.

I have never even touched an eyebrow pencil. I used to wonder why some women preferred to pluck all of their eyebrows out and then use a pencil to draw them back in. It could be just a style preference, but could multiplying white eyebrow hairs also be a reason?

The first weapon in this war is a pair of tweezers. How hard could that be? Pluck, pluck, done. Right? I don’t know if you have had this experience, but I think those white suckers try to hide and cling to the unsuspecting brown ones. I yanked out way too many of the innocent rightfully colored hairs in my ferocious attempt to rid myself of the white intruders.  I even resorted to trying to trim them away with cuticle scissors. One of my eyebrows looks a little scant, (Please see illustration below) but it could be worse. I will have to approach this a bit more calmly next time. Because, there will be a next time, as you know.

What do you do when the evil white hairs start bringing their friends to invade your eyebrows? Do you use box hair color to cover them up? Or  pluck them until there is nothing left? Or wear long bangs for the rest of your days? Or just accept your lot in life and let them take over as they will? Such is the battle I shall be facing in my future. If you ever see me with painted on eyebrows you will know that I have lost the war.


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