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Cast Off Party


Dear Diary,

Welcome to my Cast Off Party. You may be envisioning a snappy yacht, sea breezes, sun soaked guests, tropical beverages, classy appetizers and a festive atmosphere. Strike all of that from your mind except the festive atmosphere. I am not referring to a boat cast off, I am referring to this obstacle that has been attached to my wrist for the past month. Granted, it is flaming orange and waterproof, which are definitely pluses in the world of broken bones, but I am feeling quite festive about the fact that I am chilling in the Orthopedic doctor’s office awaiting its removal.

I have made it thus far in my life without breaking any pieces of my skeleton. Until a month ago, that is. On Mother’s Day. I am not one who is used to being slowed down down. I am an independent, fast moving sort who doesn’t like to ask for assistance. It has been frustrating, but I have made it my mission to continue to participate in all of my regular activities and become as adept as possible sans one functional hand. The other infuriating thing about this whole situation is that I don’t have a good story for the cause of my predicament. No story for this storyteller. You know everyone has been asking what happened. I would have loved to say that I broke my hand rock climbing or surfing or preventing a burglary. But instead, the truth  is that I slipped in a friend’s bathroom. I put out my hand  to catch my fall and heard a sickening crunch that resulted in a pretty little spiral fracture around the middle metacarpus of my left hand.

Sometimes, we need to be reminded how fantastic it is to have good health and full use of all of our body parts because, of course, not everyone does. So celebrate with me today every time you are able to tie your shoes, manipulate buttons, fasten bra hooks, cut food, put your daughter’s hair into a ponytail, make a frappuccino, and type a blog post using all of your fingers.



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