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Shiny Spot


Dear Diary,

Today is the birthday of a longtime friend….

The first smile we took from each other
so long ago
grew into a radiance
that steeped and settled into a permanent warmth.
The melody of the laughter we have shared
echoes into the march of countless years.
The thoughts and words we have created together
have sculpted a treasure securely embedded.
Our friendship began in our springtime
and has laced its way into our autumn.
Across the miles and large gaps of time
You remain a bright presence.


The Jewel


Dear Diary,

A jewel in any place:

The shocking pink was startling against the drab gray of the thick peeling walls.

The smoke curled around the intent faces framed with golden hair and extenuated the bright blue of their eyes as they peered down at me in the haze that we had created.

I blinked from the smoke and the tears that stung my eyes.

I gazed up at them.

As I stood slowly between them, their hands reached for my shoulders.

I listened to the compassionate words that flowed from their perfectly lipsticked mouths.

I felt enveloped in the intensity of the warmth and care extended to me even though I was surrounded by the dirt and smothering dullness of the starkly lit back stairwell and the confusion of my despair.

The beauty of true friendship shone as a jewel in this unlikely place and seared my memory in vivid color.

A Friend By Any Other Name

Dear Diary,

Your voice has never caressed my ear. My hand has never touched your sleeve. I have never had the opportunity to share a physical cup of coffee and an audible laugh with you. I have not really seen your face; the array of expressions that flow in the course of a conversation. I have only seen a frozen image chosen by you.

But I hear your words in my mind as they spill across the screen. Tidbits of your reality sent through space. Thoughts that you may not actually say if we were seated together in a café. You deftly manipulate the letters to speak your personality. You endear yourself to me with your humor, philosophies, creativity, advice, hopes and everyday happenstances. As I do to you. All within the world of adjusting letters.

It amazes me to think that I have developed cherished friendships with people that I have never met in actuality. Twitter has done this. What started to me as purely a marketing tool has garnered me a surprising and wonderful byproduct; more friends. I had expected to get along fine with the people of TwitterLand but I wasn’t expecting in depth friendships. That is what I have ended up with and I appreciate every one of you. Your jokes make me laugh, your philosophies make me think, your creativity inspires me, your advice helps me, your hopes are tangible, and your life happenings relate to my own. Your blog gives me perhaps more insight into you than if we interacted in person.

Some people would argue that cyberfriends are not real friends. I disagree. You are all real people living real lives somewhere that is real. You are not pretend like a character in one of my stories. Our friendship is merely on a different plane. Perhaps there is a dash of fantasy thrown in, but what’s wrong with that?  A definition of friendship is “A person attached to another person by feelings of affection or personal regard”. Yes. You are my friends and I am happy for that. And so, cheers to you! *Raises coffee cup in tribute*

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