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Life as the Sea

Dear Diary,


We grasp for sprinkles of meaning

Within the vast tumultuous Sea of living.

We want to assign logic to our existence and experiences.

But the Sea shifts and swells

Reducing our assured Truths to fragments

Or losing them altogether in the tide.

And new sparkles of insight appear on the sunlit horizon.

But is meaning essential?

To try to understand that which is so immense and overwhelming within our narrow view may not be the point.

Perhaps it is more conducive not to swim mightily for a destination, or worse to drown from the weariness of the distance, or flounder helplessly in the undertow.

Instead, float within the purity of what is; the flow around us.

Embracing the sense of weightlessness, the soft lapping by our ears, the aroma of continual change, the snap of saltwater on the tongue, the dazzle before our eyes as the sun dances on that Sea.

Absorbing the hopes, despairs, inspirations, love, and heartbreak in as a wave and sending it out again to continue its cycle of fluidity.

Learning and evolving from every experience, large and small, sensing instead of deciding what is necessary.

Unencumbered by the need to understand or harness the Sea of our life.


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