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Pioneer Teaser from my novel on #TeaserTrain

My novel “The One That Got Away” is being featured on #TeaserTrain again this week. You may know that in a nutshell, my novel is a reincarnation story. It does, however, have a few more twists thrown in that make the reader realize that reincarnation is only a part of the painting on a much larger canvas. The teaser that is showcased this week is from what I refer to as the Pioneer lifetime and can be found on A.R. Silverberry’s blog: .

The modern day narrator of the story is a cynical, single mother named Wendy who doesn’t have the time or interest to be concerned with something as ridiculous as reincarnation. She is forced to. She becomes exposed to three previous lifetimes and some other odd occurrences that cause her to question the very structure of life and it’s purpose. The following are the  excerpts that give you a taste of each of Wendy’s previous lives. It will make you wonder how they could possibly be connected. Of course, I would highly recommend that you read my novel to see if you can put the pieces together before she does. 🙂




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