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What? A Song?

Dear Diary,

This post is where Kellianne tries her hand at songwriting! I actually wrote this song many years ago. I often write poetry, but the following  has been my only venture into songwriting.  This is mostly because I do not hold the ability to create music to go with it. I hold much respect for those who can create haunting poetry AND set it to music.




Silver petals fall from your eyes

Into a murky pool of lies.

Golden words trimmed in lace

Fast unravel into space.

Silhouettes of days gone by,

Shapeless pieces of how and why.

Hopes scattered across the floor

Disarrayed, trembling, at the door.



Seems to be

It’s you,

It’s me.

Seems to be

It’s not you,

It’s not me.

Close your eyes and you still can’t see.


In a corner staring at me

Silent words echo loudly.

Twisting hands, eyes of dust

In the space between us.





Should I run, or should I stay?

Grasp at the pieces or blow them away?

Blow them away, blow them away.

Like dandelion seeds on a fall day,

Drifting softly to where they will lay.

Blow them away, blow them away.

Gone tomorrow, gone today.





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