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Stark and Staring

It slices unexpectedly through a mundane task.

Or a moment in the space between movements.

Or a quiet place of reflective thought.

Or by an occurrence of sudden similarity.

A Disturbing Memory

Stark and naked

Standing there, staring at you.

It is normally latched away

In a safe, dark box

In a corner of the mind used for such things.

It is better left there,

Than to wreak fussy havoc upon the present.

After the initial shock of its’ undesired appearance,

You eye it suspiciously

And fight against the familiar twist of pain it exerts

Out of place and time.

You sigh inwardly before beginning the struggle of wrestling it back into its’ box

In the dark corner

To be awakened occasionally by dreams


Has no business being here now.

It does not go away willingly.

It  flirts with the edges of your activities


Like a child that has been sent back to bed too many times.

Eventually, it will go back to sleep

With the others.

And you will continue to continue.


Comments on: "Stark and Staring" (12)

  1. Okay, that was a little spooky for first thing in the morning. Beautiful piece, Kellianne.

  2. Love how you never name it specifically. Great finish too! Thanks for sharing Kellianne 🙂

    • Thank you Dean. I always appreciate your comments. I love how artistic you are in so many ways. The memory is not named because it can be any painful memory that continues to haunt us. Sometimes they just creep up when we are not expecting. I am having one of those that has been annoying me the last couple of days.

  3. Ooh that was good. Not knowing what it was about at first, your mind jumps around at different possibilities. Very cool. The photo really added to that sense as well. Nice work.

  4. Great piece.. love it!

  5. What a great thing to say! Thank you Amberr!

  6. I’m still learning from you, but I’m improving myself. I certainly enjoy reading all that is posted on your blog.Keep the aarticles coming. I liked it!

  7. Kellianne, I love this poem! You need to tweet it out in sections! Cheers, Carrie

  8. Kellianne, I love your blog! I scare easily LOL..just go boo. What ever you write is interesting…keep it going! Blessings, Rachel

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