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Stark and Staring

It slices unexpectedly through a mundane task.

Or a moment in the space between movements.

Or a quiet place of reflective thought.

Or by an occurrence of sudden similarity.

A Disturbing Memory

Stark and naked

Standing there, staring at you.

It is normally latched away

In a safe, dark box

In a corner of the mind used for such things.

It is better left there,

Than to wreak fussy havoc upon the present.

After the initial shock of its’ undesired appearance,

You eye it suspiciously

And fight against the familiar twist of pain it exerts

Out of place and time.

You sigh inwardly before beginning the struggle of wrestling it back into its’ box

In the dark corner

To be awakened occasionally by dreams


Has no business being here now.

It does not go away willingly.

It  flirts with the edges of your activities


Like a child that has been sent back to bed too many times.

Eventually, it will go back to sleep

With the others.

And you will continue to continue.


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